St. Thomas Primary School

St. Thomas Primary School sponsored by Four Seasons Resorts Estates
a) Shadiah Mitchell: 11 year old Shadiah enjoys dancing and dramatizing. Her favourite subject is Mathematics because she enjoys working with numbers. She would like to be an accountant when she grows up. The issue affecting youths in her words is gangs and she would like to see more family activities and clubs formed to get youths involved in other activities.
b) Sakile Noland: This 11 year old enjoys drawing and his favourite subject is Language. He loves this subject because it helps him to speak standard English and to speak it fluently. He would like to be a detective to help solve cases on the island. The issue affecting youths in his words is peer pressure and he would like to see more social groups for children to be a part of which could address these issues of peer pressure and ways of dealing with it.
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