Charlestown Primary School

Charlestown Primary School sponsored by The Bank of Nevis Ltd.
a) Vanessa Hull: 11 year old Vanessa enjoys singing, dancing and tennis. She also plays the steel pan. Hr favourite subject is Mathematics because it’s fun. She would like to be a professional tennis player or singer because she likes to play tennis and singing is fun. The issue affecting youths in her words is to help keep our youths out of trouble and getting into some kind of sport activity.
b) Jadan Liburd: 9 year old Jadan is the youngest participant and he enjoys eating, singing, dancing and running. He also plays the steel pan and entered the Prince and Princess show in 2012. His favourite subject is Mathematics because it helps him to think and reason. He would like to become a doctor because he loves helping sick and to provide a service to the community. The issue affecting youths in his words is peer pressure and he would like to see youths airing out their problems to their elders and trying to find better ways to communicate with their peers.
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