Young People, This is Your Time

(file photo) Minister of Youth in the Nevis Island Administration the Honourable Hensley Daniel

NIA-CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS (May 24TH, 2011) — Youths residing on Nevis are being called upon, once again, to take advantage of the “many opportunities” that the Nevis Reformation Party-led Nevis Island Administration has put in place for their benefit.

The island’s Youth Minister, the Honourable Hensley Daniel, who also holds responsibility for Social and Community Development, during a recent address to mark a month-long celebration of youth, repeatedly said “young people, this is your time.”


“This is the time to equip yourselves for tomorrow’s possibilities. Learn all you can! This is the time to grab hold of the opportunities and improve the skill set in the country,” he said.


According to Minister Daniel, his government had ensured that opportunities were available in education and training, renewable energy, agriculture, tourism, healthcare, business and employment within the public and private sectors.


“This is your time to take advantage of the government’s tax concessions for small businesses. Take advantage of the various openings for business and pitch your tent for economic independence,” he said as he passionately called on the island’s youth population to “transform from workers to owners” and “from looking for work to creating work.”


The passionate Minister also appealed to the island’s youths to engage in a “radical revaluation of values to foster social cohesion.” The values, as explained by the Youth Minister, include discipline, tolerance, respect and hard work.


“It is time to lead and avoid deficit language that is often used to describe youth. This is your time to be judged by the content of your character rather than by your age. Let others see youth are moving in a positive direction,” he said.


Expressing pride that his Ministry ensured that “young people were appointed to serve on the boards of all the public corporations,” Minister Daniel believed that the decision “was a sure and direct way to empower young people.”


“Never let it be said of you that God gave you many opportunities and [you] missed them. Get up and let your lights shine. When you let your light shine, you give other young people the chance and the permission to shine theirs,” he explained.

The address, which was broadcast on Nevis Television’s Channel 8, also called on Nevisians to “turn their backs on crime and violence and build a culture of peace.”

Working towards a peaceful environment, Mr. Daniel said, would make certain “that economic and social development take place.”


“In your hands rests the chance to bring an end to the era of confrontation. It is for you then to foster consultation and collaboration and recognise that there is strength in your differences,” he stated.

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