Mission Statement

To bring about meaningful social change within the economy through participatory and sustainable action programs in sports, community development, social services and to identify and implement projects to alleviate poverty through the Basic Need Trust Fund (BNTF).



  • To coordinate the implementation of programs and activities to be executed by the various departments within the Ministry.
  • To establish appropriate policies to guide the operations of the Ministry.
  • To identify and facilitate training opportunities geared towards people empowerment.
  • To provide financial and technical assistance to sporting and other community based organizations, along with the less fortunate in our communities.
  • To create greater awareness in the communities of Nevis, to enhance their social well being.
  • To construct, upgrade and maintain community centres and recreational facilities with the view of transforming them into a hub of activities.
  • Raise the level of awareness of gender related issues.
  • To coordinate community projects through BNTF.


To promote meaningful social change through community development, sports, social services and BNTF Projects.

Sustainable Priorities

  • Manage projects related to the alleviation of poverty.
  • Create and promote awareness for the ongoing improvement of the social well being of the community.
  • Implement and monitor preventative and corrective measures to help alleviate problems experienced by children, youth and the family as a unit.
  • Provide care and recreational activities to elderly persons in the community.
  • Provide programs that focus on gender relations issues to provide men and women with empowerment opportunities.
  • Provide support to community development, sports and social assistance.
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