Austrian Embassy offers scholarships for study in tourism

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (MARCH 10, 2016) — The following is a notice from the Ministry of Tourism on Nevis regarding tourism scholarship opportunities offered by the Austrian Embassy.
The Austrian Development Agency (ADA) through the Austrian Embassy in Caracas, is offering scholarships to nationals of St. Kitts and Nevis for a diploma programme in Tourism at the Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management in Klessheim, Austria.
The purpose of the scholarship is to train students in the field of tourism and hospitality management in Austria.  After graduation, the students will contribute to the development of their country in the area of tourism.
The Austrian Development Agency is also offering scholarships for a Teacher Training Programme at the Institute. 
The programme is designed for teachers in tourism training institutions, applicants who already have a background in education, or who may take on a role in training and supervising other members of staff when they continue their careers. 
It offers the unique opportunity to get professional and pedagogical training at the same time. 
The Teacher Training Programme runs concurrently to the Hospitality or Tourism Management programme. 
The course duration for Hospitality or Tourism Management is eight months (October – May), while the duration for the Teachers Training program is nine months (October – June).
Scholarship applications must be received by the Institute by May 01, 2016. 
For further information, interested persons should contact the Ministry of Tourism at the Nevis Island Administration Building (top floor), Bath Hotel or call telephone # 469-5521 ex. 2147.
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