Chance to provide growth and development for my people rewarding, says 10-year Nevisian Parliamentarian


Parliamentary Representative for the St. James and St. Thomas Constituencies on Nevis in the Federal Parliament in Basseterre Hon. Patrice Nisbett (file photo)

CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (August 23, 2010) — The ability to provide opportunities for growth and development for the people of Nevis has characterized the 10 year span of Hon. Patrice Nisbett’s parliamentary career. Now the Federal Legal Advisor and Minister of Legal Affairs and Justice in St. Kitts and Nevis, he said his parliamentary career has been a humbling experience to represent the people of St. James and St. Thomas.


Mr. Nisbett made the comments when he spoke with the Department of Information on Thursday. He said his constituents had put their trust in him for the past 10 years and he was grateful to them for the opportunity to serve them in the local Assembly and now at national level.


“I believe that I did in fact prepare myself for representing people, it is what I have done all my life – in my professional life, in my political life and to me the most rewarding thing is to see that the representation that you can give can in fact bring some meaningful reward to the life of a particular individual.


A constituent shows Hon. Patrice Nisbett her deep appreciation and affection earlier this year. His visit to her home was one of many in the St. James and St. Thomas Constituency where he serves, to deliver gift baskets to the seniors there in observance of his 10th anniversary as a parliamentarian

“As a result of your hard work you are able to improve the quality and the standard of life of that particular constituent whether it be by providing a home to them, ensuring that they get a scholarship, ensuring that their children go to university or ensuring that they own a piece of the rock. It is the opportunity of ensuring that the opportunity exists so that all our people can benefit from the national pie,” he said.


In response to what his most outstanding achievement has been so far he said it was when he was considered to become Attorney General of St. Christopher and Nevis.


“I really never thought that I would have been given the opportunity to serve the country and to serve my people at that high level. So far it has been a wonderful experience to be in a position to serve the people of Nevis from that level and to ensure that the views of the people of Nevis in policy making decisions are in fact considered and reflected, when the policy is to be made and implemented in such a manner that would bring benefit to the people of Nevis whom I represent in Basseterre,” he said.


Hon. Patrice Nisbett when he served as the Legal Advisor to the Nevis Island Administration with Premier of Nevis Hon. Joseph Parry at a sitting of the Nevis Island Assembly

Mr. Nisbett noted that he was in a position that allowed him to provide a voice at the national level, which ensured that the concerns of Nevis and the island’s peculiar position [twin island state] was taken into account when policy formation was being carried out.

Hon Patrice Nisbett embraces by his constituents on his return to Nevis via the Seabridge ferry, hours after he was sworn into office in the Federal Government in Basseterre earlier this year
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