Clean up Event Overview

Over the period 18th to 22nd April 2014 the groups and organizations cleaned various areas around Nevis removing litter, white garbage and over grown vegetation. From all reports the island is much cleaner after the effort as several hundred pounds of waste were removed from the environment. The road verges are free of litter and the breeding ground for mosquitos and other insects has been interrupted with the removal of many of the receptacles. Unclogged water ways will reduce the incidents of flooding.
The following areas were cleaned by groups and organizations:
  1. By-Pass Road, Charlestown – NHCS
  2. Top of Craddock Road to Pump Road – St. Paul’s CERT
  3. Pond Hill –  Pond Hill Community
  4. Hanley’s Road – Hanley’s Road Improvement Club
  5. Barnes Ghaut – Barnes Ghaut Community and St. Thomas CERT
  6. Cotton Ground – Operation Future
  7. Pinneys – Four Seasons Hotel Resort and Estates
  8. Herbert’s Beach – St James CERT
  9. Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School – Students and Staff
The Principal of the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School addressed the students at Morning Assembly about Earth Day and the importance of taking care of the earth by keeping it litter free.  Mrs. Marion Lescott also encouraged children to use the garbage bins provided to dispose of litter.  The entire school engaged in a clean-up session of the surroundings.  The Solid Waste Management Authority truck removed all the garbage collected.  Mrs. Lescott pledges to continue to impress upon children the value of keeping the environment clean and encourage them to dispose of all garbage in a responsible manner.

Post Clean Up Event /Way Forward
It is difficult to measure the success of the objectives at this point. There is need to continue the public awareness and education of the general public. Clean-up campaigns should be an on-going process. It is envisage that campaigns can be held quarterly. Ministerial support is required for the reintroduction of Litter Wardens to issue fines for littering. This can be twined with a process education to improve the success rate. An after action review meeting will be scheduled in short order to discuss the ways of enhancing future clean up campaigns. It is hoped that this process can be repeated every Earth Day and also on a quarterly basis.
Special commendation is expressed to the NHCS and Mrs Miriam Knorr of the Joan Robinson Memorial Foundation. The invaluable contribution from Ms Marva Frith and the members and staff of the Nevis Solid Waste Management Authority must be highlighted.  Special mention must be made of Mrs. Marion Lescott, Principal at Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School for taking up the challenge. An excellent working relationship with Mr Brian Dyer at the Nevis Disaster Management Department provided the unwavering support that ensured a successful venture. Support was received from the following organizations and I do express our sincere thanks and appreciation for their effort.
    • NHCS
    • NSWMA
    • Ministry of Health 
    • Ministry of Tourism
    • Ministry of Education
    • Ministry of Communication
    • Department of Government Information Service (GIS)
    • Social Development
    • Ministry of Culture/ Secretariat
    • Environmental Health
    • Ministry of Culture/ Secretariat
    • Hotel and Tourism Association
    • Four Seasons Hotel
    • DPPNRE
    • NDMD
    • NHLDC
    • CERTs
    • HOPE Nevis Inc. 
    • SKN Red Cross, 
    • Girls Guides
    • Pathfinders 
    • Sports and Community Groups
    • Joan Robinson Memorial Fund
    • Operation Future
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