Company Rates

The fees in relation to local companies with share capital (profit companies) are as follows:


(a)        for certificate of incorporation                                                   $750.00

(b)        for restoring name of company to register                                  $500.00

(c)        for certificate of amendment of articles                                       $300.00

(d)        for certificate of restated articles of incorporation                       $  50.00

(e)        for certificate of amalgamation of two companies;                      $750.00

            each additional company                                                           $100.00

(f)         for certificate of continuance                                                      $250.00

(g)        to accompany a prospectus or statement in lieu of

            prospectus sent to the Registrar                                                 $100.00

(h)        for an exemption under section 144                                           $  50.00

(i)         for an exemption under section 150 or 154                                $  50.00

(j)         for an uncertified copy of any document or part thereof,

            in addition to the fee for search under item (m) per page            $    1.00

(k)        for certificate of any document                                                  $  50.00

(l)         for any certificate or certificate for which a fee is not

            provided                                                                                   $  50.00

(m)       for search                                                                                 $  10.00

(n)        for reservation of a name under section 514                               $  50.00

(o)        for filing any document unrelated to anything for which

            a fee is provided in this sub-regulation                                       $  50.00

(p)        for filing Annual Return                                                              $100.00

(q)        for certificate of good standing                                                  $100.00

(r)        daily penalty for late filing of any form, document or notice

            required to be filed in accordance with the Ordinance                $  10.00



The fees in relation to local non-profit companies are as follows:


(a)        Certificate of Incorporation                                                       $ 150.00

(b)        Restoring name of company to register                                      $   60.00

(c)        Certificate of Amendment of Articles                                        $   60.00

(d)        Certificate of Restated Articles of incorporation                         $     5.00

(e)        Certificate of Amalgamation of two companies                          $ 150.00

(f)         Each additional company                                                          $   20.00

(g)        Certificate of Continuance                                                         $   20.00



The fees payable in respect of an external company are as follows:


(a)        for certificate of registration                                                       $3000.00

(b)        for filing Annual Return                                                              $  100.00

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