Current NIA has delivered to the people of Nevis, says Nevis Communications and Works Minister


Minister charged with Communications, Works, Public Utilities, Posts, Physical Planning, Natural Resources and the Environment on Nevis Hon. Carlisle Powell delivering his presentation in response to the 2011 Budget at the Nevis Island Assembly Chambers

CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (December 09, 2010) — The sitting Nevis Island Government had delivered to the people of Nevis over the last four and a half years in office. That view was expressed by Minister charged with Communications, Works, Public Utilities, Posts, Physical Planning, Natural Resources and the Environment on Nevis Hon. Carlisle Powell on Thursday, in response to the 2011 Budget presentation.


The Budget was delivered by Premier of Nevis Hon, Joseph Parry at the Nevis Island Assembly in Charlestown on Tuesday.


“This is a good budget. It is a budget that promises to continue the magnificent march forward not for us the politicians but for the people of Nevis. The people need look no further than the People’s Agenda and see that the promises have been kept,” he said.


In his report on the various ministries under his responsibility, Mr. Powel said the Physical Planning Department had been kept very busy with the challenges faced by a developing Nevis and he commend the work done by a transformed Public Works Department .


The Minister explained that projects were screened by the Physical Planning Department for any concerns, to facilitate well informed decisions.


“Developments are not considered in isolation but rather the overall impact on the island of Nevis. This is to ensure that both locals and visitors can live, work and enjoy the resources that the island has to offer. The projects all pass through Planning: Aman, the Cosmetic Clinic, Marina, Four Seasons rehabilitation. The Planning Unit is getting better at delivering,” he said.


Mr. Powell disclosed that the post of Environmental Officer which had been vacant for some time had been filled along with that of a Planning Technician who would assist the Development Control Officer.


He said the Building Officers continued to perform a demanding role as Nevis continued to grow but most importantly, the Unit was staffed with competent employees who were left alone to do their jobs.


With regard to the Public Works Department (PWD), the Minister had nothing but praise for a Department which had in the past been thought of as ineffective.


“Over these past four and a half years, we have witnessed a transformation of the Public Works from a department of whom people didn’t expect much to a Department whom much is expected and who continue to deliver at a high standard.


“Evidence of the outstanding quality of work done by the PWD can be seen at the Bath Hotel, further evidence of the quality of work done by Public Works can be seen at the offices of the Planning Department. The previous building was destroyed by fire some years ago and just abandoned by the Concerned Citizens Movement. In the same area, PWD built new offices for the Department of Labour.


“The Charlestown Pre School was built by the Nevis Reformation Party over 20 years ago and remained the same. The PWD completed a 440 sq ft. expansion to the school earlier this year to allow for 15 more children to be accommodated,” he said.


The Minister pointed to a volley projects undertaken by the Department which were successfully completed. Among the projects listed were the extensive renovation of the St. Thomas, VOJN, St. James and Charlestown Primary Schools; complete reconstruction for roofs for Science and computer blocks; extensive renovations at the Charlestown Secondary School (CSS) and construction of additional space for guidance counsellors and vocational students; design and supervision of renovations to accommodate the Value Added Tax office and design of all community centres under construction and to be constructed.


“We have been very aggressive in our road expansion programme, drainage including two new bridges and culverts and the public Works has led the way,” he said and pointed to over 16 road projects they had completed in 2010.


In addition, Mr. Powell spoke to more road work in Garrick’s, Cotton Ground, Cades Bay to Westbury, Stoney Grove, Hamilton, Jessups, Barnes Ghaut, Chicken Stone, Clay Ghaut, Cox, Bailey Yard, Cole Hill, the Island Main Road from Gingerland through Hull Ground, River Path, Fothergills, Webbe’s Ground, Zion, Butlers and Brick Kiln to the St. James Anglican Church.


“No government in the history of Nevis has delivered as many roads in two or three terms as this government has delivered in less than one term. We cannot forget the work done to widen the corner of Bath Ghaut by CSS.


“Think of what an awful mess Charlestown would have been if we didn’t do drainage works in Ramsbury, in Charlestown by Main Street and Scotia Bank, bottom of Government Road and by Super Foods. The recent rains would have caused flooding in Charlestown,” he said.

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