Daddy Nature is NRPs 2011 Kaiso Monarch


Hon. Hensley Daniel crownins the NRP Kaiso Monarch

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS–MONDAY, FEBRUARY 28TH, 2011) Premier of Nevis, the Hon. Joseph Parry congratulated Daddy Nature (Mr. Lesroy Hanley), as he beat out seven Calypsonians to win the first ever Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) Kaiso  Monarch Competition, with his song “Forty More Years”.


The NRP Kaiso winner, who hails from the village of Fountain in the parish of St. James captivated an appreciative crowd at the Cultural Complex on Saturday night.


Daddy Natures’ song “Forty More Years” was a favorite at the show.  The dreadlocked Calypsonian enthralled the large audience with his command of the stage and witty lyrics.


Hosting the show was Choice 105.3 FM radio host, Mr. Walter Morton who kept the audience alive with giveaway prizes and comedic relief.



The first runner up position went to seasoned performer Gharlic (Mr. Lee Swanston) who brought a high energy stage performance with his song “Performance Matters”.  The Second runner up in the competition was long time Culturama and Carnival competitor Hollywood (Mr. Andrew Nisbett) who sang, “The ‘X’ which complimented the NRP-led Nevis Island Administration on a job well done.


The other Calypsonians who participated in the competition included Luxman (Mr. Travis Flemming), De Enforcer (Mr. Eddie Lewis), By Surprise (Mr. Watusi Wade), Pupa Wheeler (Mr. Oldain Daniel) and Nutsy (Mr. Bernette Thompson). Musical accompaniment was provided by the Grand Masters band.

“Saturday night’s Calypso competition had the feel of the island’s local festival Culturama and I anticipate that next year’s competition will be just as high quality or better. It was heartening to see the level of local talent on display,” said the Premier.

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hon. joseph parry at the calypso show1-3-2011


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