Graduates of Cake-making training urged to use new skill to better their community

Assistant Secretary in the Ministry of Social Development Michelle Liburd (file photo)
Assistant Secretary in the Ministry of Social Development Michelle Liburd (file photo)
NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (April 16, 2014) — Fifteen participants of a seven-week cake making training programme, hosted by the Department of Community Development in the Ministry of Social Development, were told they should use their new-found knowledge to better their community.
The advice came from Assistant Secretary in the Ministry of Social Development Michelle Liburd, who stood in for Junior Minister in the Ministry Hon. Hazel. Brandy-Williams. She was at the time delivering remarks at the graduation ceremony which was held at the Brown Hill Community Centre on April 10, 2014.
“We at the Ministry believe that Nevisians are very talented and resourceful people. The only thing that prevents us from achieving extraordinary feats is the opportunity. That is why the Department of Community Development has made every effort to afford you the chance to expand your knowledge base and your skill set. 
“You, who have taken this class, have acquired a skill not previously had. Even if you knew how to bake cakes before, I am certain that you have been able to build on that and have learnt new ways of doing so.  You may use it for your own personal satisfaction and that of your families. However, some of you may want to expand upon it and go as far as starting a business. If you look carefully there may be opportunities to serve your community through a business venture or you may be interested in starting a cooperative with some of your classmates,” she said.
According to Liburd, the Ministry embraced the concept of partnership and urged those who successfully completed the training to share their knowledge in the skill of cake making.
“We at the Ministry are strong advocates for the concept of partnership.  Unlike the old saying that says ‘Partnership is leaky ship,’ we prefer to lend support to the local adage that states ‘One hand can’t clap.’ 
“The choices are yours to make now that you have taken this class.  I also encourage you to share the knowledge. Do not be selfish and let it stay with you.  Teach your sons and daughters, friends and families so that we could have a generation of skilled cake makers here in Nevis,” she said.
The Assistant Secretary also expressed gratitude to the training facilitator Sylvia Williams, a former Home Economics teacher, for her continued contribution.
“I… give thanks to the facilitator Ms. Sylvia Williams, who incidentally was my high school Home Economics teacher.  It is heart-warming to see that you are still making a positive contribution to the community by doing something that you love.  Thank you for giving of your time and imparting your skill,” she said.
She also thanked the Centre Manager Gail Greenaway, Community Development Officer for St. John’s Parish Malva Rawlins, Janette Maloney Acting Director of the Department of Community Development and all who assisted and made the training a success.
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