Custom’s Mission Statement

The Customs Department is  committed to the execution of its mandate to collect all the various description of revenues for which it is responsible. The undertaking will be done at least cost to the public and in a manner that engender the highest degree of  public confidence in our integrity, efficiency and fairness.

  • The assessment and collection of customs revenue on commodities imported into and exported out of state.

  • The interpretation and application of local and external tariffs.

  • Certifying authority for exports of manufactured and wholly produced goods to CARICOM , E.E.C and USA under the respective international trade conventions.

  • Institution and formulation of tax policies under customs and excise laws and any other relevant legislation.

  • To enforce customs law and prosecute all who have contravened.

  • Boarding and clearing of vessels entering and departing our waters.

  • Supervision of bonded warehouses and other customs controlled areas

  • Supervision of distilleries and breweries.

  • Agency duties for other departments with respect of import / export restrictions.

Key Priorities of the Custioms Department

Revenue Collection

Efficient and effective administration of customs duty.

Counter Smuggling/Improved Quarantine Intervention

  • Support extensive screening and intervention verification levels/examination cargo and passengers

  • Implement systems and procedures that improve national security but minimize disruption to legitimate activity, where possible.

Border Protection

  • Regulate prohibited and restricted goods including firearms.

  • Maximize the detection of illicit drugs and precursor chemicals.

  • Utilize technological tools to meet border requirements and detect revenue fraud.

  • People Smuggling.

  • Maintain high levels of civil maritime surveillance and response.

  • Innovation and Technology.

  • Deliver , implement and manage the transition of innovations and technology which would enhance the management of people finances and information.







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