Nevis Dept. of Education’s Schools in Concert coming December 2nd

Mrs. Cynthia Grenyion Education Officer responsible for Artistic Development at the Department of Information on
Mrs. Cynthia Grenyion Education Officer responsible for Artistic Development at the Department of Information on
NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (November 26, 2013) –Mrs. Cynthia Grenyion: Education Officer responsible for Artistic Development at the Department of Education on Nevis, said Nevisians would miss out on an opportunity to experience the diverse cultures on the island through creative arts, if they miss Schools in Concert 2013.
In an interview with the Department of Information at Bath Plain on November 25, 2013, Mrs. Grenyion said that the annual event which is scheduled for December 2nd  will begin at at the Nevis Cultural Complex under the theme “Diversified Nevis: Creativity, Integration and Productivity.”
“We want to let you know that you will be missing something great if you stay home. Schools in Concert is for you. Remember the theme Diversified Nevis: Creativity, Integration, productivity…
“Schools in Concert is an exciting, educational and very exhilarating event for every single Nevisian because we are going to promote the diversity in Nevis,” she said.
According to the Education Officer, the event represented the Department’s annual effort to integrate the performing and creative arts of students up to the primary school level. She also gave an insight into what this year’s programme entailed.
“The programme will be in three parts. We are going to have the featuring of all historical sites in the parishes of Nevis. The schools will be doing drama, they will be doing dance, [and] they will be doing wedding. They will be doing some activities that are associated to the historical sites. They will also share nuggets and facts about these sites…
“We will have the second segment where we will have Parade of the Nations.  That means we will have different nationalities that are in Nevis and so we want to show the diversity. Last but not least, is It’s Christmas Time Again, so the last segment will be on glitz and glamour and fashion using Christmas decorations,” the Education Officer explained.
Tickets for the concert cost EC$10 for adults and $5 for children and are available at the Education Department at Marion Heights through Mrs. Grenyion, Mrs. Ellen Grant at the Teachers’ Resource Centre [TRC] or committee members: Dr. Melvon Swanston and Mrs. Florence Smithen.
Rehearsals for this year’s event are planned for Friday November 29, 2013 for all the schools, among them, the 50 voices of students who will be featured at the Concert this year.
Mrs. Grenyion also gave some background about the Concert and noted that the Department came up with the idea to introduce the event years ago as something that would help to ease the stress related to term examinations.
“Schools in Concert was organised by the Department of Education’s committee to create an outlet for young creative minds to propose an alternative way to showcase performing arts in a non-competitive arena and promote the values associated with these performances…values such as teamwork, equity, excellence, discipline and respect.
“Furthermore, we want to facilitate an educational and interactive session for both performers and audience. Closing the term of school, we want to foster a positive relationship with families and to promote networking and partnership among Nevisians in our schools and different stakeholders who will sponsor this event,” she said.
The Education Officer also used the opportunity to thank Best Buy Supermarket who had so far given sponsorship to the event and others from the private sector, who may be preparing to do the same.
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