New Office for Tax Reform Unit

Assistant Comptroller of VAT, Ms. Kimone Moving

CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (October 29, 2010) — The Tax Reform Unit of the Inland Revenue Department has occupied a new office space in Charlestown. Although the office was previously in use by the Nevis Philatelic Bureau, the location has taken on a new look that is complimented by the smiling faces of employees.

The Department of Information, last week, toured the newly renovated facility with Assistant Comptroller of VAT, Ms. Kimone Moving who explained the purpose of the divisions within her Unit adding that they all play major parts in the daily operations of the Tax Reform Unit.

The Tax Payer Services area, as Ms. Moving highlighted, “is where businesses are registered for the Value Added Tax [VAT].” Employees in that area are also responsible for distributing certificates following VAT registration and preparing reports on tax payers while answering any questions that persons may have about VAT. Moving added that persons could also forward their concerns to the Audit or Compliance departments.

While the Collections and Enforcement Area is responsible for carrying out the VAT Act and collecting any VAT that is owed to the government, the Collections Supervisor deals with any objections and policies.

In order to ensure that businesses are complying with the VAT system, employees within the Audit Department are responsible for reviewing the tax payers on a regular basis.

Other departments within the Unit are the Objections and Policy Division that deals specifically with matters relating to the VAT Act or the Excise Tax Act; the Refunds Division that processes returns and the Administrative team that oversees the daily running of the Unit.

In speaking about her Unit’s immediate plans, Assistant Comptroller Moving highlighted that her public relations efforts will be increased.

“From our end, there will be a lot of coordination efforts, a lot of answering to concerns and questions as persons become comfortable with the whole process.

“We are here ready and willing to serve the general public and ensuring that we have a simpler and more efficient tax system,” she said.

According to Moving, the Tax Reform Unit would continuously register businesses that are authorized to charge VAT. She expects that “on the 1st of November all VAT registrants would have their VAT certificates clearly displayed in their business places so that consumers would know who is authorized to charge and collect VAT.”

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