NIA sponsored trainees return from Trinidad












Minister with responsibility for Social Transformation on Nevis Hon. Hensley Daniel, together with other Cabinet colleagues, were on hand at the Charlestown Pier on July 26, 2008, to welcome the graduates who returned home from a successful three month training programme in Trinidad. 

He registered his satisfaction with their performance and that he was anxious to see the difference their training in auto mechanics, plumbing, carpentry, masonry and welding would have on the community.
“We are indeed happy to welcome back our trainees and within a week we expect them to hit the ground running to put their training to good use and we have heard good things about their performance in Trinidad and this underscores another effort on behalf of the people of Nevis by the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) to build up our skills bank and to provide our young people 
The Trainees and Hon. Hensley Daniel (front row extreme right), Permanent secretary Mr. Alsted Pemberton (Extreme right back row), Legal Advisor Mr. Patrice Nisbett (front row second from right) and Hon. Robelto Hector ( front row extreme left) at the Charlestown pier moments after they arrived on Nevis from training in Trinidad and Tobago
with opportunities for development…
“Your performance tells us that we could send another group of people over there. We thank them and we look forward to feeling the weight of this training and feeling the impact in the community,” he said.
Seventeen students had left Nevis in May for training at Metal Construction Industries Ltd. (MCI) which was sponsored by the NIA. The Minister also used the opportunity to thank all who had supported the programme.
Meantime, at the graduation ceremony held on July 26, 2008, at the MCI facility, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Transformation Mr. Alsted Pemberton who represented Minister Daniel said it was a touching moment to witness the graduation ceremony first hand and reiterated the NIA’s policy to provide training opportunities for Nevisians.
“The Nevis Island Administration is committed to the continued provision of offering training opportunities for Nevisians to be trained and developed to the highest level of their potential, through the programmes offered by MIC and other training institutions.
“Therefore, with the successful completion of Phase 1 of the Training for Industry Programme, our attention will now be focused on our long term goal to establish a Technical Vocational Education Training System in Nevis and providing key personnel to conduct training and management of the system,” he said.
In that regard, Mr. Pemberton disclosed that the NIA was seeking to expose 10 persons to the next training phase Helping You Prepare for Employment (HYPE) Programme, Building Construction Technology.
“In addition, at the end of this programme, five participants will be trained in Industrial Supervisory Management, while the other five will be exposed to a Train the Trainer Course.
“It is our hope that this phase would begin shortly after further discussion with Mr. Davis as the Nevis Island Administration continues to focus heavily on people empowerment through education and training,” he said.
While Mr. Pemberton addressed the graduates, he indicated that he was certain that they had realised that success was not a fantasy but a reality within the grasp of all who chose to reach it. Notwithstanding, he urged them to continue to be successful in their undertakings.
“Growth is synonymous with life, therefore, now that you have gained insight and I suspect confidence in your three month-journey through the Building Construction Technology Industry, keep growing and I wish you every success on behalf of the Nevis Island Administration and by extension the people of Nevis,” he said.
During the ceremony, a number of students were singled out for their efforts. In the area of Carpentry and Masonry the Most Outstanding student was Mr. Kelvin Clarke while the Most disciplined student was Mr. Garimel Hanley.
In the area of Electrical Installation and Plumbing, Mr. Aaron Howell was named the Most Outstanding while Mr. Lindsay Douglas received the same accolade in the area of Automotive Technology. 
Of the 17 students who had gone on training in Trinidad in May, Mr. Michael Liburd, trainee in Welding remained to continue his course which is expected to conclude in February 2009.



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