Premier looks back at 40 years of business in Nevis


Premier of Nevis, Hon. Joseph Parry

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS–FRIDAY, JULY 23, 2010) A look at 40 years of entrepreneurship in Nevis was the main topic discussed on the popular radio program “In Touch with the Premier” this week.

The Premier of Nevis, Hon. Joseph Parry gave a brief history lesson of prominent business persons in Nevis which included Mr. Samuel Hunkins, Mr. Almon Nisbet, Mr. Wentworth Nicholls, Mr. Edmund Slack, Mr. Joseph Chapman, Mr. William Dasent, Mr. Arthur Evelyn, Mr. Brand, John E. Howell and Mr. Edmund Williams.

Premier Parry also spoke about the fostering of investment in the 1970’s in Nevis. He discussed the investment of a boat called “The Effort” which travelled to the United States Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands and Nevis. The boat was captained by Mr. Clayton “Powers” Liburd and was financed by investors from Nevis who saw the need for goods, letters and money to move back and forth from friends, family and associates in Nevis and other regional islands.


Among other investments the Premier pointed to were the Farmers Corporation Cades Bay, The Fisherman’s Corporation and the Nevis Credit Union.


“All of these investments brought a financial unity and independence to Nevis that assisted many on the island,” said the Premier.


It was also noted that a new brand of investors emerged under the leadership of the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) in government during the 80’s, namely the Herbert’s of VON Radio, Mr. Percy Williams, Mr. Ward, Mr. Analdo Chiverton, Mr. Lescott, Wedge, the Bank of Nevis , Oualie Beach Resort and a host of others who were encouraged by the then Nevis Island Administration.


While he discussed new strategic investment since 2008 under his present Administration, Premier Parry noted the contribution of the Seabridge ferry service, which made travel between St. Kitts and Nevis easier through the transportation of vehicles between both islands.

He also spoke of the soon to be established Marina at Cades Bay, which when completed would have the capability to handle supplies and other necessary facilities for small boats and yachts.
The Premier also gave his view on the reason why Nevisian businesses had not grown from strength to strength with the second generation of business oriented families.


“Some persons of the second generation have had a negative attitude to trade and business. We must also consider that the education system has mainly dealt with pure academic aspects of schooling. In addition to Immigration, which has also played a most pivotal role in the lack of continuation of business by the next generation,” he said.

However, the Premier believed that the support the empowerment of future businesses was through education, training, capital and marketing, all of which his government had encouraged since the NRP took over the Administration on July 10, 2006.


“I am eager to promote a culture of Nevisian business enterprise and define the government’s role towards making Nevisians economically independent,” he said.

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