Road Rehabilitation Projects for Butlers, Bath Village slated for 2021

One of the roads in Butlers Village to be resurfaced


NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (March 26, 2021) – – The villages of Butlers and Bath in Nevis have been earmarked for road rehabilitation projects during the course of this year.

That is according to Hon. Spencer Brand, Minister of Public Works in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) during a presentation in the Nevis Island Assembly on March 23, 2021.

“We would have indicated to the general public that our two major projects for 2021 would be the Butlers area and the Bath Village area.

One of the roads in Butlers Village to be resurfaced

“I am happy to report that we’ve just about completed the drawings for the Butlers Road Enhancement Project. We would have had a site visit just last Thursday [March 18] with the Director [Jevon Williams], Permanent Secretary [Dr. Ernie Stapleton] and engineers, walking that area and looking at our staging area.

“We are hoping that we can have a town hall with the residents in the Butlers area to advise the general public as to when we will actually start construction of that road improvement project, he said.

He indicated that once the Butlers project is completed, the Public Works Department would seek to start the work in Bath.

One of the roads in Butlers Village to be resurfaced

Another area of road that the Public Works Department intends to repair with some degree of urgency in the one adjacent to the Prospect Power Station.

“We have been advised that the dust from the road has been affecting the recently purchased Wärtsilä generator.

‘We do not want to have a situation where we are out of electricity because of that issue and we are hoping to have that stretch of road completed in the very near future so we can have a stable supply of electricity without any effect from the dust.

“I know it is costing the people of Nevis added financial strain, because of the dust the generator has to use a lot more lubricant and so on, so we are trying to see how quickly we can have that stretch of road completed,” he informed.

Mr. Brand also noted some drainage work that will be undertaken in 2021 to alleviate flooding issues in the Ramsbury area and Paradise Estate at the intersection entering Barnes Ghaut.

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