Secure Nevis

Project Name: SecureNevis
Objective: Enhancing security in public areas on the island of Nevis.
– Use as a tool for crime detection and prevention via real-time monitoring by the Police
– Use as an investigative tool for past events
– Act as a crime deterrent
– Use as a tool for surveillance and intelligence gathering
Executing Agencies: NIA/Premier’s Ministry/Information Technology Department/Royal SKN Police Force – Nevis Division
Project Sponsors: NIA, ICDF/Republic of China on Taiwan
Activities: Installation of CCTV cameras at various locations throughout Nevis.  
Progress to date: Deployed a total of 24 cameras throughout Charlestown.
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Premier’s Ministry (869) 469-5521 x2008
IT Department (869) 469-5521 x2149
Royal SKN Police Force – Nevis Division (869) 469-5391
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