St. Kitts and Nevis Educator Increases Education Access with Virtual Classroom

St. Kitts- Nevis Educator- Ms.Tamu Petra Browne
St. Kitts- Nevis Educator- Ms.Tamu Petra Browne
Charlestown, Nevis (Tuesday, September 11th, 2012)– Premier and Minister of Education in the Nevis Island Administration, the Hon. Joseph Parry has congratulated daughter of the soil, Ms. Tamu Petra Browne for starting her own business in the field of education. He said,”the idea of a virtual classroom is not new but it is very needed, and it is an alternative solution to traditional classes.”

Persons wishing to pursue their C.A.P.E qualifications, now have educator Tamu Petra Browne, who has launched her business which allows persons to register for on-line classes that will prepare them to sit Management of Business and Information Technology at CXC’s Advanced Level.

Ms. Browne, who has taught the courses at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College in St. Kitts since 2006, indicated that she saw a niche in the market for persons unable to schedule traditional classes. “It seemed clear to me that persons were eager to upgrade their skills, but often the obligations of family and career made it impossible, and so my service provides a solution.”

Any person on any island can now register on the website: for on- line classes that are either delivered directly to their email inbox or that can be taken in the virtual classroom, whichever they prefer. There are a variety of payment options including, bank drafts, PayPal payments, and persons who wish to wire their funds can request that option by email.

For each course, students will also receive a free copy of her electronic study guide which Ms. Browne has authored and self-published, exclusive access to on-line learning resources and direct access to her YouTube channel which features course lectures.

“I love teaching, but I love the learning process even more. I am convinced that there are innovative ways to facilitate the learning process, and my service Innovative Education and Training Solutions aims to do just that. I will also be delivering Entrepreneurship and Website development workshops, and I am currently creating a module to assist teachers with infusing technology into the teaching, testing and measurement process. As a certified educator I am passionate about empowering others through education- but education is worth little, if it cannot be accessed and so my service will hopefully provide more access for those desirous of gaining Advanced Level qualifications in the region,” said Ms. Browne.”

The company’s founder has also served as a lecturer in the University of the West Indies ‘Level One Program in St. Kitts and Nevis since 2006 in the area of Management Studies. Ms. Browne has a BSc in Management Studies, and a Diploma in Education from the University of the West Indies; a MSc in Information Systems Management from Duquesne University and a Graduate Certificate in Teaching Effectiveness for Adult Learners from Canada’s Humber College.

For more information, Ms. Browne can be reached at 869-663-1968 or email her at

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