Statement by Premier of Nevis Hon. Mark Brantley for staff affected by Four Seasons Resort restructuring

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (October 15, 2020) — The following is a statement from Hon. Mark Brantley, Premier of Nevis and Minister of Tourism regarding an announcement made by the Four Seasons Resort, Nevis, on restructuring its operations and the effect on staff.

My government has been advised by the Four Seasons Resort that it has today served notice to some 280 workers at that Resort that “due to the delay of the reopening of the borders and resulting loss of business” the Resort has been forced to restructure its operations and now requires “only the minimum staff members necessary to support significantly reduced occupancy levels”.

These workers are entitled to all benefits and payments owed to them and we are advised, can be collected between October 19-23 as advised by the Resort.

This news was expected but is nevertheless tragic news for our island and yet another harsh reminder of the carnage caused to our economy by this Covid-19 pandemic which has destroyed economies globally.

My government assures affected workers that we shall work closely with the Federal Government to ensure that they receive their full severance and other benefits to which they are entitled. We are also committed to partnering with affected workers and their families to do all that we can to assist them in this difficult period for them and for our island home.

My government looks forward to the reopening of our borders on October 31, 2020, and the gradual reopening of our hotel sector, and will continue to engage in an aggressive marketing campaign to attract business to our island.

As Premier, I give my solemn pledge that we shall not allow Covid-19 to defeat us. This pandemic has been a health crisis and has now become a full blown economic crisis, but as a government that has always put our people front and centre of our decision making, I assure each and every affected worker that my government shall not abandon you in this period of difficulty.

Our island has thus far endured the brunt of this crisis and are still standing. We have done so with the grace of God and the excellent leadership of our Covid-19 Task Force which has guided us exceptionally well thus far.

We know that the most glorious dawn comes after the darkest night. Let us join hands and hearts now and overcome this crisis together. I am confident that we shall endure and overcome this period of hardship.

As Nevisians we have faced crises before and I am confident in the indomitable will and courage of our people. This too shall pass with the grace of God.

I hope to make a further statement in short order on this matter.

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