Strong Show of Support from Nevisians at NRP Election Victory Motorcade

The Premier was supported by the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) led Nevis Island Administration Cabinet, which included Deputy Premier, Hon. Hensley Daniel, Hon. Robelto Hector and Junior Ministers- Hon. Dwight Cozier and Hon. Carlisle Powell who were sworn in at Elquemedo T. Willett Park on Tuesday Afternoon.

Large numbers of NRP’s Youth Arm danced and sang on the Green Machine’s Flat-bed Trailer as the young people took part in the celebrations in a massive show of support for the Nevis Reformation Party, who they contend has demonstrated tremendous leadership in guiding the island of Nevis through the Global Financial and Economic Crisis that has wreaked havoc on economies around the world.

NRP Youth Arm members on the Green Machine

Many of the Youth Arm members professed their undying support for policies and programs of the Nevis Reformation Party, as many of them stated that they can’t wait to vote in the next election when many of them will be of voting age.


Starting at the NRP Headquarters in Charlestown, the motorcade grew larger and larger as it passed through the villages of Jessups, New Castle, and Cox towards its eventual end back in Charlestown where a massive large rally was planned.


As the large motorcade arrived at the D R. Walwyn Square, hundreds gathered, danced and partied to the sounds of a live band, one of Nevis’s own, Odisi Band and a food fair.


The NRP won 3 of the 5 seats while the Opposition of the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) won two of the seats.

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