Study areas for ITEC 2021 training courses upgraded

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (March 02, 2021) — The following is an update rom the Ministry of Human Resources in the Nevis Island Admiration (NIA) regarding the series of short training course offered online by the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) Programme.

The Ministry of Human Resources in the Nevis Island Administration is pleased to inform that the Government of India is conducting a series of short training courses under the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) Programme.

The ITEC programmes are diversified in areas of:

  1. a)     International E-training virtual course on the roll-out of Covid vaccine programme;
  2. b)     International public health management development programme;
  3. c)     Virtual training course on building nursing leadership for achieving universal health coverage and sustainable development goals;
  4. d)    Next-Generation Distribution System-Transmission towards Smart Grids;
  5. e)    E-governance strategies and best practices in India;
  6. f)    Technical, policy instruments and frameworks for shifting to renewable energy;
  7. g)    Natural resource management for sustainable rural livelihood;
  8. h)    Solar energy technologies;
  9. i)      Water transmission and distribution engineering;
  10. j)     Policies on biomedical devices;
  11. k)    Big data analytics for policy planners;
  12. l)    Data analytics for beginners;
  13. m)   Finance for non-finance background leaders;
  14. n)    Financial inclusion and development;
  15. o)     Financial instruments and issuance processes;
  16. p)    Entrepreneurship and small business development trainers/promoters;
  17. q)    Institutional planning and management for heads of educational institutions;
  18. r)     Management systems;
  19. s)    Promotion of start-ups in healthcare sector; and
  20. t)     Laboratory quality management systems and internal audit.

Interested persons must register online at least four (4) days before the start of the course at All courses listed above commence in March, and each programme’s commencement date differs.

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