The 2012 Nevis Culturama Committee presents Ms. Culture Queen Pageant contestant number six, Ms. Coastal Air Transport Denesia Smithen

Ms. Culture Queen Pageant contestant number six, Ms. Coastal Air Transport Denesia Smithen
Ms. Culture Queen Pageant contestant number six, Ms. Coastal Air Transport Denesia Smithen

In the words of Michael Jordan “Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” With these words as a comforting blanket to her life’s journey, Ms. Coastal Air Transport Denesia Smithen has learnt to overcome her obstacles.

On October 31st, 1992, the world stood at awe as Ms. Norlene Smithen gave birth to two beautiful but rare daughters in the sunny isle of St. Croix. Not identical, these two gems have different characteristics and personalities. One of these gems is the beautiful and unique Denesia Smithen.

Living with her mother and two siblings, Denesia’s roots are planted in the bread basket of the St. Thomas’ Parish known as Barnes Ghaut Village, however, she now resides in the tranquil village of Cades Bay.

Denesia received her pre-school education at the St. Thomas’ Pre- School and her primary school education at the St. Thomas’ Primary School. In 2004, Denesia graduated from the St. Thomas’ Primary School with honors. She then enrolled at the Charlestown Secondary where she was an “A1” student throughout her secondary education. Denesia sat her CSEC examinations in 2009 successfully obtaining nine O’ level subject passes with three distinctions in English A, English B and Social Studies. Not limiting herself, Denesia decided to further her education at the Nevis Sixth Form College where she obtained five A’ level subject passes.

Presently, Denesia is employed by the Nevis Island Administration as an untrained teacher at the Charlestown Secondary School. She believes that knowledge stored is knowledge of no use. She therefore takes this opportunity as a teacher to give back to her community and help the younger generation stay on a path of positivity. Denesia however, would like to become a lawyer in the future.

When Denesia is not academically inclined, she enjoys reading, watching movies, going to the beach with her dog and listening to music, just to name a few. She believes that using one’s time wisely helps to bring about positive ideas and well-rounded individuals thus helping to curb social ills, develop the communities and open doors of opportunities.

Denesia was the President of her church’s Anglican Young People’s Association (AYPA). This position afforded Denesia the opportunity to showcase her leadership abilities and public speaking skills. Denesia used the motto “to gain respect, one must earn respect” to successfully direct the youths of the AYPA.

Denesia’s role model is her mother who she looks to for inspiration and courage. Denesia sees her mother as the foundation of everything she has achieved today. She believes that the morals and values that her mother had instilled in her have helped her to develop into a young, ambitious and independent woman. Hearing the voice of her mother saying “work hard for what you want and depend on no one,” Denesia has developed a sense of determination and independence whenever attempting a task.  

With this said, her participation in the 2012 Ms Culture Queen Pageant would be no different. Denesia promises to be one of the most outstanding and unique contestants in this year’s pageant and requests your indulgence in this year’s pageant for it will be a show like no other.

Denesia encourages you ‘Para vivir la vida al máximo porque se vive una sola vez.”  Live life to the fullest because you only live once….

You are invited to the Nevis Cultural Complex on Sunday 5th August 2012 to see Ms. Culture Queen Pageant contestant number six,
Ms. Coastal Air Transport Denesia Smithen

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