2010 deemed a great year for Nevis With A+ ratings for its Achievements


Premier of Nevis, Hon. Joseph Parry (file photo)
(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS–WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5TH, 2011) “2010 was an outstanding year for Nevis under the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) government,” said the Premier of Nevis, the Hon. Joseph Parry during his New Year’s message Friday evening.

While talking about the accomplishments of the Nevis Island Government for 2010, The Premier noted that wind energy was utilized and Nevis became the first OECS country to supply environmentally-friendly wind generated power to homes on the island.
In Agriculture, the Agro-processing plant at Prospect was commissioned and now Nevisians are able to produce jams, juices and candies from mangoes and other fruits grown on the island.
The Cherry Gardens Housing Development was confirmed and accepted as quality housing. “In reference to Cherry Gardens, many praises was bestowed on the Government and the Nevis Housing Corporation for their vision and foresight by visitors to Nevis including politicians from
other OECS and Caricom countries,” said the Premier.
Senior citizens in Nevis were recognized for their steel pan performances and other activities which highlighted the skill of seniors island-wide. While recognizing the seniors, Premier Parry
applauded the efforts of the Minister of Social Affairs, the Hon. Hensley Daniel who he said, “has focused effectively the minds of all of us, young and old, on the importance of the seniors in our society and the need to encourage and support them to live constructive and meaningful lives to enable them even at their age, to contribute to nation building.”
It was also noted by the Premier that in 2010 a surge of the importance of Education was observed as parents, teachers and children demonstrated a new sense of urgency in a determination to excel.
He noted that Joanne Flemming-the States Scholar and Urnesia Pemberton topped the nation at CAPE and CXC respectively.
According to the Premier, 2010 marked a major historic moment as Nevis for the first time in its recent history has the full right to collect all corporate taxes earned on the island.
“Which other government in the world which is not the central government has that exclusive power? It is a demonstration of growth and maturity not only of Nevisians, but Kittians as well,” commented the Premier.
In continuing the highlights of the year, the Premier noted the re-opening of the Four Seasons Resort on December 15th, 2010. He further stated that the Four Seasons is the single most important investment in Nevis. “Its significance, according to IMF Reports, impacts considerably on the economy of St. Kitts as well.”
A battery of programs to battle crime has been set up and the Police have become more visible in the communities. Police barracks, computers for the policemen, increase the number of policemen in Nevis, safety vests and surveillance cameras and a number of other
contributions to assist in the eradication of crime have become a reality. “It is clear that the major factor is our value system. First we must determine what it is and re-establish it at all levels
of the community,” said the Hon. Joseph Parry.
A commentary on the performance of the Government and the state of the country was highlighted by the Premier who stated that according to a recent survey: The people of Nevis rate the Government between an “A” to “A+” on road maintenance, housing, healthcare, education,
scholarships, leadership, Sports, Garbage collection, general upkeep of Nevis, street lighting, water, electricity and telephones.
“It is easy to conclude that the performance of your government is outstanding. With confident and steady leadership we have taken this country out of the shoals of recession into an open and steady sea that will lead to prosperity,” stated the Premier.
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