“Expect Some Changes to this Year’s Ms. Culture Queen Pageant,” says Committee Chairperson

Chairperson of the 2012 Culturama Ms. Culture Queen Pageant Subcommittee Ms. Jaedee Caines.
Chairperson of the 2012 Culturama Ms. Culture Queen Pageant Subcommittee Ms. Jaedee Caines.

CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS (June 5, 2012) — “Expect nothing but the best for this year’s Ms. Culture Queen Pageant,” says Chairperson of the 2012 Ms. Culture Queen Pageant Subcommittee, Ms. Jáedee Caines.

Ms. Caines, a former Ms. Culture Queen Pageant contestant and chaperone, said plans are being put in place for the Aug. 5 staging of this year’s pageant, adding that patrons could expect some changes to the format.

According to Chairperson Caines, the 2012 Ms. Culture Queen Pageant contestants would be required to make five appearances: Fanfare, On-Stage Interview, Nevisian Pride Presentation, Performing Talent and Evening Wear.

“While the Fanfare would not be judged, it promises to be a major highlight of the pageant,” she said, revealing that “the contestants would be wearing swimsuits during the opening number.”

“We want our contestants to be ready for any and everything. We want them to face their fears and realise that wearing swimsuits has become an expected and accepted part of pageantry. This year, we want the full package. Our queens should speak well, dress well, and look well. They should think like queens even before the pageant,” Ms. Caines said.

The re-addition of a swimwear segment to the Ms. Culture Queen Pageant comes after a two-year hiatus where swimwear appearances were diverted to a separate Ms. Culture Swimwear Contest.

Another change to the pageant’s format is the placement of the On-stage Interview.

According to Ms. Caines, “the change was made for two reasons: to encourage patrons to attend the show early and to lessen the degree of apprehension amongst the contestants.”

“Because of its placement, the On-stage interview would be judged as a separate segment,” Ms. Caines added.

The third appearance, the Nevisian Pride Presentation, “is designed to educate the judges and audience on various aspects of Nevisian history and culture.” As a requirement, each contestant would be required to deliver a prepared speech on one of the island’s historical sites.

This year, the maximum time allotted for the Performing Talent segment is five minutes while the Evening Wear segment which will, among other things, showcase the contestants’ creativity, would last for three minutes per contestant.

“I am eagerly anticipating this year’s pageant and the contestants are too as they have commenced training in public speaking and conducting interviews,” Ms. Caines said.

This year’s Ms. Culture Queen Pageant would be held at the Nevis Cultural Complex under the theme “Cherishing the past, embracing the present and planning for the future.”

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