Federal Parliamentarian Showers Praise on Nevis Island Administration


Attorney General and Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs in the Federal Government the Honourable Patrice Nisbett.

CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (September 8, 2010) — The Nevis Reformation Party [NRP] led Nevis Island Administration [NIA] has been engaged in a “relentless crusade of transforming the entire parish of St. James into a symphony of development and people empowerment.” This is according to Attorney General and Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs in the Federal Government, the Hon. Patrice Nisbett.


The statement came in a recent address to the people of Nevis in which the minister who also serves as Parliamentary Representative for Nevis 11 discussed the various developmental projects in the St. James area since NRP took office in July 2006.

The government’s affordable housing initiative at Eden Brown, Shaws Road, Nisbet’s and Maddens Estate described by Nisbett as a “housing revolution” together with projects in education, health and agriculture have helped to develop the island’s largest parish.

“From village to village the Parry-led NRP administration has ensured that our children are fed in the school meals programme and our good people are sheltered in the houses we construct under our various housing programmes,” Nisbett said.

In speaking about the recently constructed police barracks at Butlers Village, the Legal Minister showered high praise on Premier Parry and his administration.

“The Premier and the person charged with looking after the safety of our people came up with this novel idea that will further strengthen our Police Force and our security,” he explained.

The St. James Drag Raceway opened in September 2008, which is now a highlight for persons across the region received its share of criticisms from persons described as “detractors and doomsayers” by Minister Nisbett.

“The site was called all sorts of names. The good people of St. James took the view that the rest of Nevis was jealous of them. It was as though too much was coming to St. James.

“Also, it [the St. James Drag Raceway] is a place where the small business person has an avenue to ply their trade and earn considerable income from the large and exciting crowds that attend the events at the raceway,” he said.

He added that although the section of the island main road from Gingerland to the Vance W. Amory International Airport, was “in a sick state of disrepair with ravines winding their way in the middle of the road” the NRP government “funded, constructed, paved and rolled out [the road] with much class and smoothness bringing relief to the deprived people at St. James.”


Other developments applauded by Minister Nisbett were the increased enrollment at the Medical University of the Americas, the paving of the road from Camps to Westbury and the establishment of the island’s Wind Farm.

“The Windwatt Wind Farm,” he said, will reap numerous benefits as it “is a glorious opportunity for private-public sector partnerships. As usual, we believe that paths are made by walking. We have walked in order to make the path to wind energy,” he explained.

As the former NRP candidate for the St. James parish and Legal Advisor for the NIA, Minister Nisbett worked closely with Premier Parry and did not hesitate to applaud his work since taking office in 2006.

“I make it bold to say that I am proud of the work done by the Parry-led NRP administration here in our lovely island in this our lovely parish of St. James especially in the face of all kinds of adversity.

“It is leadership and vision buoyed by a heart that cares that has transformed the parish of St. James into a beautiful symphony of development and prosperity,” Nisbett said.

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