Nevis Dept. of Agriculture issues warning on stray animals

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (June 19, 2018) — The following is a press release from the Department of Agriculture regarding stray animals.

The Department of Agriculture in the Ministry of Agriculture on Nevis, wishes to advise the general public of the following impounded animals.

Livestock farmers within the Brownhill, Cherry Gardens, Farms, Upper Stoney Grove and Prospect areas are asked to note that three cows, which were found on private property on June 17, 2018, have been impounded.

Additionally livestock farmers in the Newcastle, Camps, and Barnaby areas are also advised that five goats which were found on private property on June 15, 2018, have been impounded.

Owners are asked to contact the department at telephone: 469-5521 ex. 6510, as soon as possible. The impounded animals would only be held for three business days before the process of selling or slaughtering begins.

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