Nevisians donate relief supplies for disaster-struck St. Vincent

The La Soufriere volcano on St. Vincent continues effusive eruptions (credit: Searchlight newspaper)


NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (April 12, 2021) – – The Nevis Disaster Management Department (NDMD) is appealing to citizens, residents and businesses on Nevis to donate to the emergency relief efforts being undertaken to assist the disaster-struck island of St. Vincent.

The capital city Kingstown in St. Vincent covered in several inches of ash from the volcanic eruption (credit: Searchlight newspaper)

The La Soufriere volcano on St. Vincent erupted on April 09, prompting the immediate evacuation of thousands of persons living in the red zone- the communities nearest the volcano. A large number of these persons forced to flee their homes have been housed in shelters in the green or safe zone, and according to the St. Vincent and the Grenadines National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO), are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance.

Mr. Brian Dyer, Director at the NDMC said the agency is coordinating the collection of supplies on Nevis. He said they began receiving dry foods and other items on Sunday (April 11).

Mr. Dyer said while several businesses and individuals have made inquiries about donating, the Nelson’s Spring Water company has donated 100 cases of water and the Nevis Water Department has pledged a large supply of water as well.

The list of emergency supplies include:

  1. Drinking water
  2. Respirator masks with filters
  3. Non-perishable , dry food items
  4. Bleach
  5. Disinfectant
  6. Liquid soap
  7. Personal hygiene kits

Persons can drop off items at the NDMC warehouse at Long Point.

The NDMC Director said they will continue to receive supplies until 3 p.m. Monday, April 12 in effort to have the supplies shipped on Tuesday morning.

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