Premier of Nevis commends Nevisian student for performance at Caribbean Tourism Debate

Premier of Nevis, Hon. Joseph Parry commending Nevis Tourism "Junior Minister", Miss Clayticia Daniel.
Premier of Nevis, Hon. Joseph Parry commending Nevis Tourism "Junior Minister", Miss Clayticia Daniel.


Charlestown, Nevis-(September 30th, 2011)  Premier of Nevis and Minister of Tourism and Education, the Hon. Joseph Parry congratulated Nevisian student, 16 year old Clayticia Daniel of the Gingerland Secondary School, who recently placed second at the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) Youth Congress held in St. Martin in mid-September.

The Premier, Ms. Daniel and Ministry of Tourism Officer, Ms. Vanessa Webbe met briefly at his Bath Hotel office on Wednesday where he commended the student for her achievement.

“I congratulate you, Miss Daniel for a job well done. You have really made Nevis proud,” said Premier Parry.

According to the CTO, the Youth Congress was structured to mirror a CTO Board of Directors meeting.  The congress-like debate was held in two rounds.  In round one, the participants discussed a prepared topic that they were given to research.

In round two, a mystery topic was given for which participants were allowed two minutes to prepare their answers.  The mystery topic challenged the Youth Junior Ministers to develop a programme to attract more families to the Caribbean.

In an excerpt from Clayticia’s prepared speech she said,” My first attention will focus in reducing the cost of travel within the Caribbean…
Miss Clayticia Daniel  and the Hon. Joseph Parry“I will thrust energy into cruises originating from Caribbean ports.  This would be accomplished through public-private partnership venture, in order for demand of regional travel to increase there has to be greater awareness of the diversity of the Caribbean product.

“I will create multi-media programmes that highlight attractions on my destination. Every Caribbean person should be an ambassador at large, so that at every opportunity they can informally engage in promoting their destination even on Facebook.  This I will inculcate into the minds of my people.  

“How will my programme be realised? Through the involvement of all the stakeholders of our multi-sectorial tourism industry, my motto: “Partnership, Participation and Perseverance.”  

Miss Webbe said Miss Daniel was a crowd favorite throughout the debate and as soon she completed her prepared speech she received a rousing applause from the public.

“Miss Daniel performed brilliantly in St. Martin and I see much more achievements coming from her in years to come,” said Miss Webbe.

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