Premier scoffs at recent march organized by the CCM

Premier of Nevis, Hon. Joseph Walcott Parry
Premier of Nevis, Hon. Joseph Walcott Parry

Charlestown,Nevis (Friday, March 30, 2012)-– Nevisian Premier, the Hon. Joseph Parry has scoffed at the march organized by the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) last Monday.

“I do not want to develop any disciple following or cult like behavior in Nevis. I just want people to understand the philosophy of the NRP party and what is good for the country, and that we should continue to practice democracy,” said the Premier, during his popular radio program “In Touch with the Premier” on Tuesday.

The Premier asked rhetorically, “Why the march?” and said he was sure that many of us are asking the same question.

“While some say the march was in favour of democracy, I can only assume the march was in favour of the NRP going to Appeal Court, because that is part of the democratic process.” said the Hon. Joseph Parry.

The Premier said the right of appeal is provided by law, and if one feels that they have been dissatisfied by the court, there is a Court of Appeal, but there comes a time when one cannot appeal and the court decision has to be accepted.

Mr. Parry also told listeners that he understood that persons came to Nevis from St. Kitts for the march as a boat was chartered by a Kittitian businessman solely for the passengers to take part in the march at no expense to them.

“Nevis has no Little Red Riding Hood” the Premier said, “Well maybe Mark Brantley, maybe Vance Amory” as he reflected on the European fairy tale about a young girl and a Big Bad Wolf, which speaks to false pretensions and deception.

According to the Premier, the St. Kitts passengers arrived in Nevis when the march was over and the rally was just about to begin.

He said that he understands from numerous accounts that a large number of the passengers went to Sunshine’s Restaurant, or toured the island as some of the Kittitians said the trip only cost them a dollar ticket each way.

“I was pleased to hear that a number of the passengers toured the island, and were able to see the development of Nevis under the Nevis Reformation Party,” commented the Premier.

He told listeners that he heard that very few young people marched because most young Nevisians are happy with the NRP government.


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