Public Works Dept. undertakes remedial drainage work on Craddock Road

Remedial drainage work on Craddock Road



NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (June 21, 2021) – – The Public Works Department (PWD) road crew is currently undertaking remedial work on a section of the drainage system on Craddock Road to bring relief to residents there.

According to Mr. Jevon Williams, Director of the PWD, residents on the upper section of the road had expressed concern about runoff and stagnant water in the drain which gave off a strong stench and attracted mosquitoes.

Remedial work being done on the drainage system at upper Craddock Road

“That area, the bottom of the ghaut, was very uneven so water stagnated and harboured mosquitoes. People’s drainage water also settled there. We needed to have a mechanism to better channel the water from where the drain left off from the construction of Craddock Road in order to remedy the issue of stagnation,” he said.

The Director said work on the drainage system began approximately three weeks ago and involved the clearing of vegetation from the ghaut, cleaning the sides, and excavating the ghaut to line it properly before it was filled, compacted and concrete poured on the bottom.

“What we have built is a four-foot wide concrete drain that will go to the culvert near Big Rock on New Cut Road. The drain will be the length of the ghaut, which is 355 feet.

Remedial work on the drainage system at upper Craddock Road underway


“There was a concern expressed that since there is a concrete drain, more water will be sent down the culvert, but the idea is the concrete will stop about 50 to 60 feet short of the road. Because we want to control the volume of the run-off water downstream, we will dig out the remaining portion deep and fill it with stones. That way all of the water will not go through the culvert, it will soak into that stone-filled area and that will act as a soak-away of sorts,” he explained.


Mr. Williams said the remedial work will likely continue for another two weeks and will fully address the present issues being experienced by the residents in the area.

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