The Administration is honoring Dr Daniel’s wishes, says Premier

First Premier of Nevis, Hon.Dr. Simeon Daniel
First Premier of Nevis, Hon.Dr. Simeon Daniel
Charlestown, Nevis (Friday June 1, 2012) — Premier of Nevis, the Hon. Joseph Parry clarified on Thursday night (May 31) that funeral arrangements for Nevis’ first Premier the late Dr Simeon Daniel taking place on Tuesday, June 5 at the St. Thomas Lowland Anglican Church have been made according to Dr. Daniel, his wife and the family’s wishes.

“It is very important that the people of Nevis understand that whatever is being done, it is being done because that is what Mr Daniel had wished to happen, and what his wife and family wish to happen,” said Premier Parry while he appeared as a guest on the popular “Tell Me” radio program on Choice 105.3 FM.

The program, hosted by Junior Minister, Hon Carlisle Powell and Advisor to the Premier, Mr Llewellyn Parris, was a special dedication to the life and times of the man that has been described as the “Father of Modern Nevis.”

On the program with the Premier, was retired politician, Mr Uhral Swanston, who served in Dr Daniel’s government as a Minister.

“It is unfortunate that even at this time some people are trying to play politics and tried to say that I have made decisions,” observed the Premier. “I have made no decision in reference to the funeral of the first Premier . I have just tried to work with the family to carry out his wishes, that is all I have done, and I am quite sure that the public would appreciate that and whatever behaviour is taking place will be blown away.”

During the program, Dr Daniel’s widow, Mrs Shelia Daniel recording was played and she cleared the air, advising the general public that while all curtsies would be extended by the Federal Government and the Nevis Island Administration it was her late husband’s wish that the service be held at his church and not at the park or anywhere else.
Premier of Nevis, Hon. Joseph Parry
Nevisians would have seen send off ceremonies of three outstanding Nevisians that were organized by the Nevis Reformation Party-led Nevis Island Administration, held in open public places. The funerals for the late Hon Malcolm Guishard and Nevisian Cricketer Mr Runako Morton were held at Grove Park and the one for Nevisian musical genius, Mr Herald Sutton was held at the Netball Complex in Stoney Grove and some persons were wondering why Dr Daniel was not afforded that honor.

Premier Parry thanked Mrs Daniel for having making the statement and clearing the air. “I didn’t feel tonight was the time to get into arguments, or discussions about all kind of issues. Tonight was a time to give honor to Mr Daniel, to bring to the public the things that he achieved, along with his men of the Nevis Reformation Party in government and out of government.

“I am pleased that Mr. Swanston was here and he was able to go into details of a number of things that happened, and I am quite sure it was a great history lesson for all the people of Nevis,” concluded the Premier.

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